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Gem-A Foundation in Gemmology

Study at a time, place and pace that suits you. Lab classes held in Truro, Cardiff, Liverpool, Glasgow, York and Maidstone.
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30 Sep 2020, 23:55
Online and Lab Classes Near You

About The Course

Gem-A's Gemmology Foundation course is ideal for those who want to start their gemstone education. Whether you want to further your career in the trade or simply learn about gems, this course is for you. Once completed you will be able to identify, test and handle a wide variety of gemstones. Studying the Foundation is essential for those who want to go on to study the Gemmology Diploma and gain FGA status — symbols of excellence within the jewellery industry.

The course is mainly studied online, so you can fit it around your lifestyle. You will be supported, tutored and mentored all the way through, by highly skilled and experienced practical gemmologists, inspiring, and proficient teachers. You will follow the online course schedule where you complete activities, upload work and have the opportunity to submit questions and chat to class mates on online forums, as well as getting one on one support , by email, phone or live chat. Most people commit around 2-3 hours per week to the course, it can be more or less depending on your abilities and lifestyle! There are 15 sections of the course spread over 4 blocks. The course will start on September 2020, and run through to the exam held in June 2021, in London. 

Kerry Gregory FGA DGA, who founded Gemmology Rocks, gained her Gemmology Diploma studying remotely, and has taught many distance education students over the years, so knows the challenges you will face, and has put measures in place to try and replicate the support you get in a classroom environment, when you are not able to study in house. Studying with Gemmology Rocks means you will get much more out of studying via distance education; live and recorded webinars included in your course fee, so you get tuition on the course material and the opportunity to ask questions during live sessions, as well as extra theory tuition during your lab classes, and the opportunity to attend in person revision sessions before the exam (supplementary fees may apply). 

With regards to time "out of the office", this can be minimal, when you do the studying is up to you. You will need to complete a 3 day lab class, which covers all the practical tuition. These will be held around the country so you never have to travel too far to study, locations are:






Lab classes will be held after block 2 of the course, by that time you will have covered all of the theoretical concepts and use of the equipment, and so an ideal time to consolidate that knowledge and put it to practical use as well as answer any queries you have in person. These will be held at the beginning of 2021, in the above locations. If neeeded we also have a genius plan to deliver in person tuition remotely with the use of curated stone sets and live streaming so no need to worry about interuption to your studies.

The cost for the course is £3,280 including shipping of materials

This includes :

A Three day practical lab class at the location of your choice

Gem equipment for everyday testing

10x lens

Stone tongs

Stone cloth



Flexi light

Flat light

Folding polariscope


Chelsea colour filter

Kit case


Refractometer light source

Full set of foundation gem notes

Stone set of 20  rough and cut specimens

Full tuition for the course

If you need to budget for the course, you can spread the cost of the course - see payment options below,

Payment Options
  • Monthly Installments
  • 50% deposit
  • Full payment

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