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How to make your coloured stone dealer fall in love with you!

I’ll start by clearing up what I mean by “fall in love”, I am not writing an agony aunt column, I cannot help you with unrequited love! What I mean is how to work with your stone dealer in such a way that they love doing business with you. How to make it easy for both of you to be efficient, get it right first time and make more money.

Know Your Stuff - Diamonds

While diamonds can seem relatively simple in comparison to coloured gemstones, with their standard grading system and numerous price guides available, the reality is that identifying, valuing and buying diamonds is incredibly complex.


It’s so much more than knowing the four Cs and reading a price guide. You need to understand the nuances within the four Cs that can have an impact on diamond value, and also how you can get the best out of your relationship with your diamond dealer.

Group of scallop pearls showing variatio

Pearl Varieties

There are much more to pearls that shiny white beads your grandmother used to wear.

Pearls are a vast subject worthy of years of study, this article is an attempt to summarise some of the many types and varieties of pearls available on the market.

Article first appeared in the  the GemGuide, March/April 2019, published by Gemworld International, Inc., Glenview, Illinois. Reproduced with permission.

Image kindly from and copyright of Pacific Coast Pearls.