Business name: Gemmology Rocks Ltd

Address: The Master's House, College Road, Maidstone, ME15 6YQ.

Telephone: 01622 236142


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I specialise in practical gem testing focussing on efficiency and simplicity, I am a teacher, a writer and a dealer at heart. I entered the jewellery industry 20 years ago and have since had a varied career encompassing retail, manufacture, appraisal, pawnbroking, education and dealing in pre-owned gemstones and jewellery.

I left employment to focus my time on Gemmology Rocks, the main mission of which is to deliver affordable, accessible and commercially relevant gemmology education and support to individuals and small businesses outside London and Birmingham. Everything that is taught or delivered at Gemmology Rocks is something I have commercial experience of, something that has increased margin in the varied businesses I have worked in. 

A huge thank you for making this course so fun and interesting and getting me through it! I wasn’t looking forward to the pressure of studying - AGAIN - but you’ve made it really enjoyable with the addition of your own special gemmology comedy! I am personally grateful that you gave up your evenings despite having a serious commute, only one working leg and your own business to keep up! I hope we get more opportunities to work together soon.

Sam Lloyd - Gem-A Tutor

"Thank you again Kerry, We all had a brilliant time and learnt so much. It's great to be taught by someone who is so enthusiastic and practical going at a decent pace. Some courses can be so slow! We'll definitely do some more next year. "

Justin Duance, Justin Duance Ltd., Penzance